When The Narcissist’s Envy Gets Ugly

Why do narcissists cheat?

The first one on the list is sarcasm or jokes.

Some narcissists use humor to cover up their malice but also their envy. And they will choose to make fun of you instead of celebrating your success. So, they will use sarcasm or jokes to minimize your achievements or instead focus on your flaws. This is done to avoid giving credit to your accomplishments, belittling you, and even taking attention away from you.

Narcissists hate it when others are more successful or recognized than they are, so if they can take the attention off you or instead cause others to laugh at you, at a time they should be celebrating you, they will.

Another way narcissist reveals their envy is by copying or mirroring you. This is where they look at what you have and try and get the exact same thing. Whether it is an outfit, a car, piano lessons, etc.

What words can destroy a narcissist?

The narcissist is desperate to prove that they can have what you have or do what you do. They will even try to one-up you; if you have 2 cars, they will try to have 3 cars. Narcissists are very competitive as a result of their envy and will be working to outdo you or keep up with you as much as they can. And they won’t do it quietly either; they will want to make sure that you know or are aware of what they have.

The third way narcissists reveal their envy is through anger or negativity. But this one has a lot to do with timing, meaning they will have negative outbursts at your happiest times.

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