The Narcissist’s Initial Reaction To Your Silence or Absence

Does the Narcissist care when you ignore them or go no contact? There are some misconceptions that they do not care or that they just move on to another source. The truth is that the Narcissist does care, and there are a variety of emotions that a Narcissist can experience, but it is dependent on how useful you were to them. At the end of the day, every loss of supply, no matter how big or small, does impact them. The impact may be short-lived or well-hidden, but we have to remember that the Narcissist is very needy and greedy; therefore, they hate losing out on any source of Narcissistic Supply. It triggers their fear of abandonment, which gives rise to their insecurities and hidden shame. There is also the issue of control, and Narcissists hate losing control over anyone.

So, today’s article is all about the initial emotional reactions of the Narcissist when someone ignores them or cuts them off completely and what they later go on to do in response. With some people, the Narcissist may experience a few of the following emotions or just one. Either way, your silence or absence will affect them on some level and evoke an emotional response.

Introduction to the 4 Initial Emotions

One of the emotions can be anxiety or fear. This can happen with a primary supply that the Narcissist is highly dependent upon, as the loss of this supply may affect their image, resources, or opportunities, and the Narcissist is not prepared to deal with that. Therefore, such a significant loss of Narcissistic Supply can make the Narcissist panic. The Narcissist will feel very vulnerable, and this can lead them to become very desperate. But they will attempt to do whatever they can to reconnect with this supply or find someone who can replace them.


The second emotion to quickly follow their fear or anxiety is frustration. When you decide to ignore or cut off a Narcissist, it signifies a loss of control. The Narcissist feels helpless and confused, and their ego is wounded. The Narcissist is disappointed with their loss and will be looking for ways to distract themselves from the pain of that loss. That is why it can appear that the Narcissist has moved on quickly or doesn’t seem to care. But the Narcissist is just trying to stay afloat and save face in order to not deal with their inner turmoil.

The Aging Narcissist: What Happens as They Get Older

Utter Disgust

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