Narcissist Has an Inner Demon That will Destroy You

Many survivors of narcissistic abuse waste a significant portion of their lives trying to save the narcissist’s inner child, hardly knowing that there is no such thing within a narcissist. There is no inner child but an inner demon who intentionally targets people, weaponizes their emotions, and abuses them as horribly as possible. They try to save something that does not exist, which is what we are going to talk about in today’s article.

There is No Inner Child in a Narcissist

Let me put things as they are: there is no inner child in a narcissist that can be saved, helped, retrieved, or healed. How can I say so? What is the proof? Well, let’s first understand how an inner child gets formed before I explain to you why it is impossible for a narcissist to do inner child healing.

When you are born in an environment full of adversity, you are forced to activate extreme survival mechanisms. You disconnect from your true self because it is ridiculed. There is no space for your true emotions, so you become what the environment demands of you to survive and stay alive. To give you an example, let’s talk about people-pleasing. Why do people become people pleasers? Primarily because their parents were harsh, authoritarian, and did not give approval easily. They were condescending and quite critical, so the child learned to please them to gain approval. But at what cost? At the cost of feeling ashamed of who they are and their capabilities.

When becoming a people pleaser, a child discredits him or herself, assuming there must be something deeply wrong with their nature. They adapt and change at the cost of unconsciously betraying themselves, suppressing that shame, and disconnecting from their true self. Later, when such a child grows up and realizes they were traumatized, they may do inner child work. They go within, acknowledge the aspects that feel lonely, abandoned, shamed, and unworthy, and heal them. They first acknowledge that something is wrong, paving the path for developing a strong connection with their inner aspect called the inner child. They process the trauma, integrate the experience, and stop being a people pleaser. This is how inner child healing works.

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