Marriage with a Narcissist is a Trap (How to escape it)

Getting married to a narcissist is like signing a contract with the devil. You get trapped, if not for life, then for decades. Once you marry them, they gain a free license to abuse you however they want. They cleverly sell the idea of wanting to get married, have a family, and live happily ever after. And you buy it. Why? Because you don’t know their real intentions. To you, they seem to have the same needs and wants, creating a sense of familiarity. You feel like you’ve finally found the person you can settle down with and have children with, but deep down, their intentions are completely different from what they present. Their intentions are to use you, trap you, and get an unlimited source of supply without reciprocation. This is why they get married.

Getting married to a narcissist is a trap, a scam. When you marry them, you secretly agree to being a full-time maid—the only person who takes care of responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, earning, raising children, going out, and ensuring everything runs perfectly. You are the only functional person who keeps everything running. And what do you get back? Humiliation, belittling, being told you’re not enough, being cheated on, betrayal, and an extreme deficit of love, care, compassion, and respect from your partner. It doesn’t stop there. You also have to be prepared for divorce battles, court battles, custody battles, financial abuse, and post-separation issues.

Men are also victims of narcissism. It’s not only women who get trapped in marriages with narcissistic men; many men have been thoroughly taken advantage of and abused by narcissistic women. I personally know of many experiences and stories, which I’ll share later in this episode, so stay until the end.

How a Narcissist Uses Money To Torture You

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