Destroy a Narcissist’s Gaslighting Using Three Sentences

When a narcissist gaslights you, their main agenda is not just to convince you that they are telling the truth and you’re lying. No, that’s just one piece of it. Their main goal is to convince you that you do not see things correctly, that you cannot be trusted, that you are broken, insane, and the creator of all the problems, yet unable to see it. They want to disconnect you from your intuition so that it becomes your enemy. How? Anytime something happens in the relationship, you naturally blame yourself because they have installed a narcissistic interject in your head, which intervenes every single time, convincing you that it’s you, not them.

They Try to Change the Narrative

Before I share all the ways to respond, I want to familiarize you with the concept of perceptual space. When a narcissist tries to gaslight you, they are essentially trying to change your perception of things. If they said something, they’ll say, “I never said that.” So, your perception is that they said it, but they are trying to change it to “it never happened.” They are trying to create an imaginary scenario where they are infallible, and you’re making things up. That is where you have to step in to protect yourself and take a stand internally. You have to stay firm in your resolve. What is the resolve? The resolve is: I know what happened. So, before you tell them anything, you have to tell yourself, “I know what exactly happened, and I am not crazy.”

Whenever a narcissist says something or does something with the aim of changing your understanding and perception of it, you have to recognize what is actually going on and then stay with it. Stick to it. They should not be able to move the goalpost; your eyes are locked on it. You know exactly what’s going on, and that is how you create perceptual space for yourself. Now, all the techniques that I’ll share will make more sense to you.

Technique 1

Remeber This When The Narcissist Returns… 5 Important Specifics

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