When The Narcissist’s Envy Gets Ugly

Today’s article is part 2 of an article I did a few weeks ago where I delved into how narcissists hide their envy at the beginning with strangers or people that whom they have no relationship yet. So now I want to look at how these narcissists display their envy later on. But also, in the case of narcissistic family members, because my previous article would not have been inclusive of how narcissistic family members act, this one will.

These are things you can spot in a narcissist in the family, a narcissistic friend, or a partner. Because once a narcissist is in a relationship with you or no longer trying to win you over, their true nature begins to reveal itself. This is because the narcissist’s envy evolves from being hidden or covered up to show itself in an uglier light.

There are a few ways envious people, including narcissists, reveal their envy, and some of the ways they do it can fly under the radar if you are not aware of what to look out for.

So, today it’s all about spotting those signs of envy from those nearest and dearest to you. That green eye of envy rears its ugly head at your happiest or most successful points in life. And it’s because envious people hate seeing others happy and successful.

6 different ways envious people, like narcissists, reveal their envy towards you.

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