When The Narcissist Plays The Victim – What You Need To Know

Playing victim is a very important strategy that the covert narcissist uses on anyone and everyone to accomplish their dirty deeds. Living in victimhood allows the narcissist to accomplish many things, but the sole purpose underneath it all is to protect that golden image. Being the pathological liars and manipulators that they are, they are very good at playing the victim. They can turn it on and off in an instant. They can just go from being a wounded victim to laughing and smiling with someone else as if there is nothing wrong in their lives. Because nothing is ever as it seems with the covert narcissist, it’s all a game to them. Every emotion that they display in public is strategic; it’s to manipulate and control. Although most covert narcissists usually portray themselves as calm, collected, and in control, they’ve realized that playing a weak and helpless victim has its benefits.

So now I’m going to go through some of those benefits. The first one is narcissistic supply. When the covert narcissist plays the victim, they get sympathy and attention. Narcissists crave attention. They’ve realized that people are open and caring and would lend a listening ear to their made-up woes. The affirmations they receive validate the lies that they’re spewing and make them even more real to the narcissist. There are also narcissists who use their illness as a weapon. They like to let everyone know about their illness for attention and sympathy. But then they also use it to manipulate others into getting what they want. They would even pretend to be victims of their illness to get extra care and attention.

The second benefit is that a lot of these listeners who entertain the narcissus will turn into flying monkeys. They’ve been convinced by the lies, and they’ve bought the victim’s act. Now, the covert narcissus is not alone; they have secured people in their corner who are willing to work on their behalf. The covert narcissist is too weak to work alone, and that’s why they employ flying monkeys to do their dirty work, and they recruit them by playing the victim.

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