When The Narcissist Multiplies

Today I want to talk about one of the Narcissist’s evilest traps that they use to get Narcissistic Supply. Because this is how Narcissists operate, they lay traps and snares to catch people and draw them into their world. A world based on lies and deceit.

A world where nothing is really as it seems. But in time all is revealed when they have you where they want you. And one of the ways they trap us and keep us bounded to them is by far the most cruel and selfish of all, as they use it to create generations of pain, confusion and hatred. I am talking about how Narcissists ensure their toxicity and lies live on even when they die and that is through creating family ties through marriage and reproduction.

Starting and growing family units which they corrupt and distort for their own pleasure. In this article I emphasized the need and use of children for a Narcissist. But above all it keeps the other parent and child bounded to them for life.

How To Get A Narcissist To Leave You Alone? 3 Ways

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