Top 10 Most Common LIES of the Narcissist

Today, we are discussing the top 10 most popular and common lies that narcissists tell. We all know that narcissists are pathological liars, and they lie about almost everything. In fact, many times, they lie about things that don’t even matter. But there are some standard lies that you will typically hear from a narcissist. So today, I’m going to shed some light on what I think are the top 10 most popular and common lies that most narcissists use.

1. They will lie about their education and the accolades associated with it.

For example, they may lie about their grades, claiming to be straight-A students or on the honor roll when, in reality, they barely passed. They might falsely claim to have a degree or exaggerate their qualifications. They could lie about their sports achievements, pretending to be star players when they were not involved in sports at all. Additionally, they may fabricate stories about being the captain of the football team or the cheerleading squad when they never played any sports. These lies extend to their academic accomplishments, like falsely stating they graduated summa cum laude with a near-genius IQ. They might also lie about attending prestigious Ivy League colleges when they actually went to community colleges. Many narcissists lie about their education and school achievements.

2. Narcissists lie about being Christians, highly religious, or deeply empathetic individuals.

They aim to portray themselves as saints with strong character. While they may attend church for appearances, they often do not genuinely practice or believe in the teachings of their religion. They use their spirituality or Christianity as part of their fake facade. This can be effective in lowering the guard of others who automatically assume that no one would lie about something sacred. It’s crucial for empaths not to take anyone’s word at face value until actions and words consistently align.

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