How Do Narcissists Handle Rejection?

Have you ever wondered how narcissists handle rejection? Have you tried rejecting these narcissistic individuals? Are you prepared for the consequences of doing so? Hold tight because we’re diving into the tragic world of narcissistic personalities and how they cope with the dreaded “no.” So, buckle up and explore the intriguing realm of narcissism and how they handle rejection.

1. Pretending to be unaffected:

When narcissists face rejection, it stings for them, but they hate showing vulnerability. Instead of admitting they’re hurt, they pretend they don’t care. They act tough and independent, as if they don’t need anyone else in their life. But the reality is quite different. Deep down, narcissists crave attention and admiration from others. They need people to stroke their egos and make them feel special. That’s why they often surround themselves with people who give them that narcissistic supply of admiration and attention. It’s like a fix for them; they can’t get enough of it.

2. Blame-shifting:

When narcissists get rejected by someone, they handle it pretty messed up. Instead of owning up to their mistakes, they try to blame the other person. That’s what we call “blame-shifting.” So, imagine this scenario: you reject a narcissist for whatever reason, and instead of being mature about it, they start pointing fingers at you, saying it’s all your fault. They can’t handle the idea that they might have messed up or done something wrong, making it seem like you’re to blame.

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