Strange Things That Happen Because Of The Narcissist

Today I am going to be looking at some strange things that go on when a narcissist is in your life. Because narcissistic relationships are very different from being in a normal, healthy relationships, They are very difficult to maintain. A lot about who you are changes. Basically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, there are changes that happen for the worse. That is why there needs to be a recovery phase once you get out of a relationship like this. There has to be some healing, some restoration, because things get lost.

Some people end up losing their confidence, their independence, their health, even their looks. And it is a result of missing some big red flags or strange occurrences that happen when you are in a narcissistic relationship. Some people are born into narcissistic relationships where one or both parents are narcissists.

So, for them, a lot of the things I am going to go through would be more common than strange. But if any of these things are happening to you, please see them as red flags and an opportunity to try and get away from the person or persons who may be the source of these unusual, even unpleasant, happenings in your life. Today I have 6 strange occurrences that happen when you are in a narcissistic relationship, and they can even continue happening for a while after you leave a narcissistic relationship. They are in no particular order, and always feel free to add more in the comments section.

Ok, so one of the first strange things that can happen is sleeping problems, mainly a lack of sleep. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the narcissist will be the cause; either they are keeping you occupied doing things for them or with them. Or the stress of the relationship has messed up your circadian rhythm; this is where insomnia and other sleeping issues can kick in. and with poor sleep can come poor mental clarity. This is bad for you but good for the narcissist, as your lack of discernment and judgment can help them steer the relationship the way they want it. Because, as I discussed in this article for narcissists, it is all about control, and the sooner they can have it, the better.

10 Things That Will Happen During a Narcissistic Collapse

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