10 Things That Will Happen During a Narcissistic Collapse

People tend to assume that narcissists are self-serving and vindictive individuals. Still, in reality, they are experiencing extremely low self-esteem and shame. Narcissists who rely on the validation they receive from others.When they suddenly lose that supply, narcissists experience an emotional breakdown, often called a narcissistic collapse. Although there hasn’t been much research regarding this matter, narcissistic collapse is an avenue for expanding our knowledge concerning narcissism.

The narcissistic collapse also removed the stigma of narcissism, which people thought of as shallow. This is the chance for people to see narcissists’ deep-rooted feelings, which will soon lead them to see that narcissists are humans too.

Today, if you are one of those people willing to see a narcissist’s vulnerability, stay with me until the end, as I am about to discuss 10 things that would happen during a narcissistic collapse.

We are stressed and hurt.

People frequently stereotype narcissists as people who go through life without a care in the world. Those who do not experience any hurt or stress—yes, narcissists have inflated egos, but those things aren’t susceptible to pain. It may not be as obvious in overt narcissists, but it can be transparent in introverted narcissists.

Although no matter the type, narcissists will feel the same emotions, they will only differ in how they react to them. For example, introverted narcissists are the ones who just sit in a corner, waiting for someone to notice them. When no one comes to them as expected, they will go into turmoil; they will be filled with stress and hurt over nothing particular, and most of the time they will direct that toward other people or themselves.

The stress and hurt they will feel will also cause them to cry out in frustration, and that frustration is often just preventing them from functioning well, causing them a lot of stress because they will be unable to control themselves and suck it up.

What Is a Narcissistic Collapse?

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