Eight Things Narcissists Envy The Most About You

Narcissists are filled with envy. Envy is defined as a feeling of resentment and unhappiness towards someone who possesses or has achieved something that one wishes to possess or achieve themselves. Envy also involves feeling secretly inferior to the person one envies, and that is something Narcissists cannot handle. So, no matter who you are, there is something that the Narcissist envies about you, and they hate you for it. Because Narcissists are lacking in more ways than one. Therefore, even if they have more money or success than you do, they will still find something to envy about you.

One of the things that Narcissists usually envy is Beauty and Success.

These things may seem shallow or superficial to some, but for Narcissists, they are especially important, as their image means so much to them. As a result, appearing more attractive and successful would only be a positive boost to the fake self that they have created. Narcissists feel that beauty and success are wasted on everyone else; they alone should have all the beauty and success to garner the Narcissistic Supply they crave.

The second thing Narcissists envy about others is their individuality.

Narcissists suffer from an identity crisis; therefore, they mimic others. Their identity is made up of ideas and beliefs that they stole from books, movies, and the people around them. Their persona is not original and is totally fabricated. There is neither a true nor solid foundation upon which they are rooted. Their behavior, speech, and opinions adjust depending on who they are surrounded by. So, when they meet someone who knows who they are, stands for something, and whose personality, style, or identity is indeed based on their unique, genuine life experiences, the narcissist may feign admiration to hide their envy. And although they may steal some of this person’s traits, they hate them for it. At the end of the day, Narcissists are rip-offs, amalgamated copies of other people. Therefore, they envy the individuality of others.

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