7 Things That Shock A Narcissist To Their Core

A narcissist wants you to believe that they cannot be affected by anything. They are immune to and unsusceptible to the flaws that you and the people around you have. But the truth is entirely different and opposite from what they think their reality is. Some things can shock them to their core and devastatingly impact them.

Number one, when you do not choose the narcissist to stay in the relationship, narcissists think that they are super charming, that they can get anyone they lay their eyes on, and that they can have any person in their life they choose to be with because everyone is into them. When you don’t beg them, they see people as objects and collectively assume that everyone wants to be with them. So when you stop chasing them, their delusion gets challenged, and that makes them question their worth. That brings those insecurities to the surface. And guess what? When these insecurities start coming to the surface, they hate you because they don’t want to face them. So they would rage. They would try to either win you back through hoovering or, if that failed, rage at you because you made them feel the insecurities that are already within them. So ignorance is death to a narcissist. It makes them wonder how you could not be into them when everyone wants to be with them. It is the ultimate injury to their false selves.

The ONLY time You Feel Peace in a Narcissistic Relationship

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