7 Dirty Secrets a Narcissist will Never tell You

Narcissists don’t reveal everything about who they are because doing so would mean losing control. They keep secrets from you to continue abusing you. However, today, I’m going to dismantle their facade by revealing the secrets they won’t tell you.

Secret Number 1: You will always feel alone with me, lonelier than when you are on your own.

In a narcissistic relationship, there is no one to connect to, rely on, or share your emotions with. You are literally on your own physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. Yes, they are technically there; you are in a relationship, but in truth, you are in a situationship. This relationship is run by only one person, and guess who that is? Of course, you. They stay with you only to keep extracting supply from you. They are not there for you but for themselves. It’s all about them. Whenever it concerns you, everything is invalidated, everything is suppressed. You are made to think you’re asking for too much, your demands are too big, and you are too needy or too clingy. How would you not feel alone when loneliness is what they offer you through silent treatments, stonewalling, disconnecting you from your friends and family, and isolating you when you need them the most? When you are on your own, everything is at peace and stable. Yes, you don’t have another person’s company, but nobody is harming you. But when you are with them, you are harmed in every single way. Every time you reach out for help, for validation, for comfort, what do you get back? Rejection, pushback, abuse. You are told you are the problem or you are destroying everything. How would you not feel alone when they do everything they can to make you feel like a burden?

Secret Number 2: I’ll tell you the opposite as your strength makes me feel insecure.

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