Why Your Narcissistic Husband Does Not Want S*x

3. Cluelessness on the meaning of a relationship:

Owning and having a constant narcissistic supply are the only things that narcissists truly understand. They act and entertain others into believing that they have a clear perspective on love and relationships. That’s why you should expect your narcissistic husband to be clueless about the meaning of a relationship, including nurturing a healthy amount of s*x in your marriage. In truth, narcissists don’t understand the importance of s*x. They indulge in it just to lure you in. So, if your narcissistic husband rejects s*x, he might think he has you wrapped around his hands. But the reality is that you always have the power to choose to stay or leave.

4. Cheating: Normally, when a husband cheats, they withhold s*x.

But a narcissistic husband may withhold s*x to justify his affair. By denying s*xual intimacy to you, he creates a void that he seeks to fill elsewhere. He uses your perceived inadequacy as an excuse to cheat. This manipulative tactic allows him to indulge in extramarital affairs while blaming you, exploiting your insecurities, and maintaining power and control within the relationship.

5. Insecurities in performance:

Due to his fixation on perfection and upholding a sense of superiority, your narcissistic husband may refuse to engage in s*xual activity. He tries to control every element of the relationship, including s*xual interactions, out of a deep-seated desire for praise and approval. He avoids circumstances where his performance might fall short of his lofty standards. By refusing to have s*x, he worries that any perceived shortcoming might damage his inflated sense of self. Through manipulation, he

 maintains the appearance of perfection while avoiding any opportunity for vulnerability or criticism during private exchanges with you.

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