Why Your Narcissistic Husband Does Not Want S*x

It sucks that narcissists use control and dominance over their significant others, especially their wives. It is one of their means to express their desires, and it is quite alarming to know that your narcissistic husband no longer wants to have s*x with you. It can be one of the telltale signs that they are no longer interested in you. Usually, the reason has nothing to do with you. To understand their behavior, you may need to reflect on where things went wrong or if you have done something wrong. If you want to clarify some confusion, here are ten reasons why your narcissistic husband does not want s*x:

1. An attempt to regain control:

In a relationship with a narcissistic husband, the dynamics of intimacy take a twisted turn. Initially, you may have experienced his enthusiasm and dominance in the bedroom. However, as he reveals his true colors, his disinterest in s*x becomes a cause for concern. This withdrawal of intimacy is a calculated tactic used by your narcissistic spouse to regain control and assert his authority. Fully aware of the emotional weight of physical connection, he deliberately withholds s*x, igniting a destructive inferno within you. Each denied touch and longing gaze deepen your feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, fortifying your husband’s inflated ego. He constantly reminds you of your dependence on him to shatter your confidence and increase your vulnerability. Withholding s*x becomes a sadistic game, a means to dominate and manipulate, leaving you longing for the same connection he cruelly denies.

2. Twisted pleasure: Narcissists are true sadists.

They take pleasure in seeing someone suffer. So, if you are troubled by your s*xual relationship with your narcissistic husband, know that he is doing it to derive pleasure. Yes, it is a twisted form of amusement, but your narcissistic husband can only feel pleasure that way. The question is, are you willing to give him that kind of control over you? When it comes to choosing a partner or having a tumultuous relationship, you must consider your partner’s s*xual preferences. You might regret it if you don’t address this issue earlier.

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