Why The Narcissist Will Focus On You?

Today I will be talking about why your image matters to the narcissist. Because covert narcissists, in particular, are obsessed with their image, but they also like to control how everyone else is viewed. This is something they work towards from the very beginning of any relationship, whether the narcissist is your parent, friend, partner, boss, etc. Narcissists want to control your highs and lows.

They want to be the ones to lift you up and the ones to bring you down. I have seen comments from time to time along the lines of when a narcissist cannot control you, they try to control how others view you. This is true, but they do not wait until you are out of their reach.

Narcissists always try to manipulate the dynamics of any relationship and how the people around them are viewed. And that is why they will smear you and try to control how others view you, regardless of the status of your relationship with them. So, even when they have you under their thumb, even more so, they are already altering people’s perception of you.

What Do Narcissists Do When A Relationship Ends?

Narcissists love to gossip, lie, and manipulate. They are also loyal to no one and will badmouth you every chance they get. They want people to misunderstand you. They want people to doubt your sincerity and question your integrity. They want people to distrust you.

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