Why the Narcissist Never Apologizes?

It is common knowledge that narcissists are very good at screwing people over and causing a lot of unnecessary hurt and pain. And some people wonder how they sleep at night considering all the evil they do. Do they not have a conscience? Are they not aware? Well, the truth is that narcissists know exactly what they do to you. They know when they hurt you. And it is true that, as a result of their lack of empathy, they really do not care or cannot empathize with you. But there is more, which makes it impossible for narcissists to think that anything they do is wrong or worth being punished for. Because apart from them trying to blame others for what they do, how do they deal with things where there is proof and there is no one to blame?

One thing is certain, and that is that the narcissist does not repent. They are not remorseful. They are not sorry. And they usually expose this by doing the same thing again, relating to the event as no big deal or trying to distance themselves from it. You can usually know if you are dealing with a narcissist by how they respond to a past failure or something bad they did in the past. Because their response will be one of the three things I am going to go into today.

Today I will be addressing the fact that narcissist does not repent and how they deal with their mistakes, faults, and flaws. Repentance means feeling or expressing sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin. It can also mean to turn or make a change. But in the mind of the narcissist, any negative thing they accuse them of can be rebutted with one of the following thought processes:

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