Why The Narcissist Is Actually Afraid Of You, Things That Constantly Make Narcissists Feel Paranoid

Why is the narcissist actually afraid of you? 4 things that constantly make narcissists feel paranoid

It’s important to understand that narcissists like to feel in control of their environment and are constantly on the lookout for signs of a problem. They’re extremely controlling and are afraid of any change. As such, they often try to avoid conflict by blaming others for their mistakes.

The fear of being discovered is the primary motivation for narcissists to be abusive and controlling. They try to keep you constantly on high alert, and they also try to give the illusion of success by using their manipulation tactics to manipulate and dominate their victims. However, once you recognize the patterns, making narcissists fear you is easy. Once you’ve recognized these signs, you can adjust your response to them. This will improve the quality of your interactions and elevate your communication game. The narcissists’ anxiety will increase the more you talk to them, which will only increase their anxiety.

Anxiety is a constant, vague feeling that a narcissist feels in his or her body and mind. They have a paranoia that always makes them think, “What if everything that they have built has gone for naught?” They may show this anxiety by talking about doom or making you feel anxious.

Other narcissists hide their anxiety by denying their feelings. In short, narcissists constantly play on fear, but many of these fears are hidden or deeply buried. Let’s see the things that constantly make narcissists feel anxious and miserable.

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