Why Do Narcissists Walk Ahead of You?

If you feel subdued by the narcissist through their body language and mannerisms, such as how they talk to you, look at you, and walk with you, this episode is for you.

We will learn why a narcissist walks ahead or behind you and what that means. If that sounds intriguing, drop a comment and let me know if the narcissist walked ahead or behind you. Because later in this episode, you will understand why they do so. Also, subscribe and help spread awareness. Let’s get started with a basic understanding of what walking alongside someone subconsciously means.

Walking alongside someone subconsciously means finding a walking tempo that falls somewhere near the middle of their average walking speed. It signifies respect, openness, regard, and, most importantly, submission and compromise. But when it comes to a narcissist, they are too grandiose and entitled to think of you as an equal or a person they can compromise with. They see you as a commodity they own, a thing among many things that is nowhere as special and important as them. As a manifestation of the same thought process and distorted belief system, they either walk ahead or behind you. Both walking orientations have different meanings, which I will cover in a minute.

Why do Narcissists stay loyal to these people

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