When You Do This To A Narcissist, They Will Eventually Fall Down And Become Your Slave Until Death

Always keep in mind that you are fully aware of what you are doing. When you don’t give in to deception, you stay true to who you are. You stick to your beliefs no matter what the narcissist says. No one has the right to dismiss your viewpoint just because they don’t share your background. Yet, you need not struggle with the narcissist to win the hopeless battle. You shouldn’t waste your energy trying to change their minds. Do not argue back; the reality is that success is impossible to achieve, as narcissists know very well what they want. No amount of reasoning will persuade them.

Do not argue back when dealing with a narcissist who is trying to convince you of something that is not true. In most cases, a simple yes or no will do, so don’t waste time elaborating. Say “oh” or “okay,” followed by complete silence. Don’t open your mouth; be assertive when you need to be, but do so calmly. Keep your cool and try not to react. It’s important to pick your battles carefully to avoid getting bogged down in pointless arguments and discussions. Keep in mind that little is more when communicating with a narcissist. Don’t give in to their demands; that didn’t occur. I’ve never stated that, and I haven’t done that. They’re all examples of untrue assertions. Keep quiet to show that you understand; just say “oh” or “okay” and give them a knowing look. Keep quiet; please, whatever else you say will be completely dwarfed by this one statement. Furthermore, your intended meaning is clearly evident. To say that your foolishness doesn’t affect me is to say exactly that, that is to say, we have the same viewpoint on the subject. This provides us with all the data we need to draw conclusions about your actions and words. Keep in mind that you can resist their influence by not giving in.

Second, you should not have any hopes for them. There’s a price to pay here; you have to be completely for a fight with me. To be successful, you need to be truthful with yourself and have reasonable expectations of the people and things you engage with. If you don’t go above and beyond the people they have shown themselves to be.

Conclusion: In terms of decency, kindness, honesty, and genuine love, you’ll be less likely to be surprised and caught off guard. Hence, you have been bestowed with power and authority. Even when dealing with awful behavior, empaths tend to focus on the positive and loving qualities of others. But narcissists should never hope for this kind of result. Watch what they do instead of just what they say. Words are easy to say, but do a person’s deeds match their claims? We must not ignore warning signs; instead of lying to yourself about how you’re feeling, be honest with yourself about what you’re experiencing. That is to say, they know they have you in their grasp and that you are no longer duped. When you are able to see through their falsehoods, deception, and false sense of superiority, when you are able to see through their funny front, you can see everything clearly now. So it’s best to move them down two floors; instead of being rattled by their presence, you can use it to your advantage by shining as a beacon of truth and sound judgment. This is the absolute most powerful option; instead of denying reality and hoping for a miracle, take off your rose-colored glasses and start down the path of severe self-honesty and acceptance.

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