This Is What You Should Say to a Narcissist – But They Don’t Want To Hear It

What you say to a narcissist does have a significant impact on them. And because of the narcissist’s fragile ego, your words have power. So, although silence is usually the best course of action with narcissists, words are sometimes necessary. But there will be consequences to rattling the narcissist`s fake sense of self. And that is important to keep in mind before you decide to repeat any of the following phrases to a narcissist: Because you will be causing a narcissistic injury, and whether big or small, the narcissist will never forgive you and will want to punish you. Narcissists are very petty, and they hold on to grudges forever. So, if the narcissist is the one paying your bills or you’re dependent on them in any way, it is best to remain quiet and focus on getting yourself out of their control. But knowing these phrases can help you not make the mistake of saying them in the first place. For those of you who are not dependent on a narcissist and are not afraid of them, telling them a few things about themselves will make them want to avoid you, which is always a plus. 

So, today we are looking at some of the worst things you can say to a narcissist.  This will not be an exhaustive list. I will just be focusing on some of the more crucial ones. The last one is what I consider the most important of all, so please don’t miss that one. Also, the first set of phrases I will be looking at have to do with just telling the narcissist the truth, and they hate the truth, so there will be no admission or open acceptance of these phrases.

That would include calling them out for the liars that they are. (You are such a liar.) If you manage a liar, Liar Pants on Fire will catch a narcissist in a lie, and you will call them out on it. Expect a whirlwind of excuses and even gaslighting to make it seem as if you got it wrong or  misunderstood something. But even if the narcissist feels they were able to talk themselves out of that confrontation, that is a conversation that they do not want to repeat. So, they will want to avoid someone who is so comfortable with confronting them like that. They will also be working in the background to lower that person’s credibility. So that others in their circle do not trust or believe that person over the narcissist.

Another similar phrase is ‘I don’t believe you’.

Because, although narcissists are pathological liars, they want you to believe every word that comes out of their mouth. They want you to trust them and think only of them. So, telling them you don’t believe them signals to the narcissist that they either need to work harder to gain your trust or move on to someone else. 

Another phrase the narcissist does not want to hear is ‘You are so selfish, or you only care about yourself’.

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