When Will a Narcissist Leave You?

Relationships with narcissists typically begin with a whirlwind romance. You will experience a level of intimacy you have never experienced before as if you are soul mates. They will appear to be companions who worship the ground you walk on. It can be challenging to judge a narcissist’s turbulent emotions if you are in a relationship with one. You’re together for a moment, and then they dump you for no apparent reason. It may look appealing for the first few weeks or months, but after months of being with them, the narcissist’s mask begins to slip away, and they reveal their true self.

 When will a narcissist leave you? 

8 When you expose them to themselves

It is not always easy to expose a narcissist. It can be upsetting and hurtful, especially if you care about them. However, you may find yourself in a circumstance where you feel compelled to complete this work. It’s critical to anticipate a narcissist’s reaction if you expose them. As you surely know, narcissists negatively react to any sense of rejection. They believe they are superior to everyone else and that others are fortunate to be in their company. Exposure feels unwelcome, spiteful, and just wrong to the narcissist, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make progress if necessary. Their image is threatened when you expose them, and a narcissist will escape. 

7 When you start to be difficult, not wanting what they want.

Ignoring a narcissist is a re-enactment of his inner child’s primary pain. The narcissist will run out of his narcissistic source of adoration, which they crave. As a result, the narcissist will feel rejected, betrayed, and lonely, and his already low self-esteem will suffer greatly. 

Narcissists may become manipulative to reclaim your attention. They will use pampering, praising, blackmailing, blaming, threatening, physically or verbally, lashing out, gaslighting, punishing, lying, and attempting to win you over via false promises. 

The narcissist will be apologizing or love-bombing you to get the attention they want, and if they can’t even get your attention using those methods because you’re too complicated, they’ll become bored, eventually leave and find a different source.

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