What To Expect When The Narcissist Knows You Know What They Are

Number three: if the love bombing and the gaslighting don’t work, typically they will slide right into some good old-fashioned projections. Now, they will start accusing you of doing the exact things they are guilty of doing. “They didn’t do that, you did.” Having a narcissist project the things they are guilty of is a maddening experience, to say the least. They are baiting you into going around and around with them, so do not take the bait and start defending yourself against these blatant lies because that is exactly what the narcissist wants you to do. They know that if they can get you into defensive mode, they will be able to manipulate you much easier. So whatever you do, don’t take the bait.

Number four: if the love bombing, gaslighting, and projections don’t work, they will usually go into something called leveling. Leveling is a tactic that they use to try and get you to believe some of your past behavior is just as bad as what they have done or worse, which is usually a flat-out lie or gross exaggeration. However, it’s a powerful tool and can be highly effective if you are a highly empathetic person who is easily manipulated by guilt or shame. If they can get you to believe that you are as bad as they are, then they know these realizations you have come to will likely evaporate. Do not succumb to their attempts at leveling. If you are dealing with a narcissist and you are an empath, I don’t care what you’ve done in the past; you are not the same kind of person as someone with a narcissistic personality disorder. So stay strong and stay grounded in the reality that you know is true.

Number five: if the love bombing, gaslighting, projection, and leveling do not work, they may try to utilize blackmail, especially if they feel you are close or are contemplating exposing them. Narcissists are probably the most scared of being exposed, and if they feel threatened by you, don’t think for a minute that they are above exploiting and taking advantage of blackmail, because they are not. Narcissists are only interested in protecting themselves, and if they see you as a threat and blackmail can get you in line, so be it.

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