What Do Narcissists Do When A Relationship Ends?

Today I will be looking at something that all narcissists will do when a relationship ends, and how they actually planned for it since the early stages of the relationship. And this is regardless of whether you discard them or they discard you. As I always say, it doesn’t matter who the narcissist is, whether it is a parent, sibling, friend, partner, or boss, they all behave the same. I think we can all agree that a relationship with a narcissist is a broken relationship, and most definitely a toxic one.

Some people can maneuver their way around the toxicity to make it somewhat workable, but many cannot. So, those relationships usually end. Ending a relationship is never easy, especially after spending years or even decades with that person, and it can be even more jarring when it’s a family member. But letting go is sometimes the only way to move forward, and this is especially true when dealing with narcissists.

There is power in walking away. There is a newfound strength when we are able to finally turn our backs on those people who have been hurting us or just breaking us down. Narcissists, of course, have a way of trying to make people dependent on them, or even just think that they need them. So that they can stay in their lives, but this is just manipulation. And it’s important that anyone in that position sees it for what it is.

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