What are weird habits of covert narcissist?

Subtle Self-Aggrandizement

At first glance, covert narcissists may not exude the obvious confidence or superiority complex typically associated with narcissism. Instead, they employ subtle self-aggrandizement, a crafty technique of boosting their ego without overt bragging. This habit manifests through backhanded compliments to others that simultaneously highlight their own achievements or qualities. For instance, a covert narcissist might say, “I wish I could be as relaxed about my projects as you are. I always have to ensure everything is perfect,” subtly implying their superior work ethic or standards.

This behavior not only serves to elevate their self-esteem but also to undermine others, fostering a dynamic where the covert narcissist is seen as uniquely capable or insightful. Over time, this can erode the self-confidence of those around them, as achievements and qualities are constantly overshadowed by the covert narcissist’s need to appear superior in a seemingly modest manner.

Victim Mentality

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