Weird Habits of Covert narcissist

Not genuinely interested in anyone? Covert narcissists are not genuinely interested in anyone else; they’re only interested in themselves. They’ll use whatever means necessary to ensure they’re the center of attention. This can include lying, exaggerating, and making up stories about themselves. Covert narcissists are extraordinarily self-centered and have little regard for others’ feelings. Narcissists pretend to be interested, but they’re just using you as a means to an end. They may do things like act interested in your problems but offer no helpful solutions or advice. They may also tell you all about their achievements and success but not ask about yours. They’re always looking for someone who will make them feel good about themselves so they can get what they want out of life without putting any work into it.

4: They Lack Empathy and Compassion.

Empathy and compassion? Covert narcissists lack these essential qualities. They may feign concern or understanding, but it’s all part of their facade. Behind closed doors, they’re incapable of truly empathizing with others’ emotions or understanding their perspectives. Instead, they view people as tools to fulfill their own needs and desires. When you’re going through a tough time, a covert narcissist might offer superficial sympathy or even blame you for your own misfortune. They’re quick to dismiss your feelings and experiences, focusing only on themselves and how they can benefit from the situation. This lack of empathy can be incredibly damaging to relationships, as it leaves the other person feeling unheard, invalidated, and emotionally neglected.

5: They Manipulate and Control Others.

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