Weird Habits of Covert narcissist

1: They Gaslight You In Subtle Ways.

Covert narcissists gaslight you in subtle ways. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse where one person tries to convince another that their version of reality is false or that they’re crazy. Gaslighting can occur when someone keeps telling you that you’re wrong about something or that you misunderstood them. Covert narcissists are experts at gaslighting, and they do it in subtle ways. They make it seem like you’re crazy for thinking what you think or feeling how you feel. Still, they never give you the information needed to understand their point of view. Covert narcissists will often go about this more subtly, simply contradicting everything that comes from your mouth. They might say something like, “You’re so confused,” or “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” This is a way of making you feel like you’re crazy and that they are in control of the situation. The more they do this, the more likely you are to believe them and feel like you’re going crazy when it’s just how they operate.

2: They Are Obsessed With Their Reputation.

Obsessed with their reputation? Covert narcissists are obsessed with their reputation but are also experts at hiding it. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep up their facade of perfection, even if that means lying to everyone around them and pretending to be someone they’re not. Narcissists might exaggerate a little about how much money they make at work or say that someone else did something wrong when they made a mistake. Covert narcissists love to be praised and admired by others. They crave the attention and recognition they get from those around them. Still, narcissists also want to feel like they’re making other people happy by giving them attention. So instead of going after what they want directly, they manipulate others into giving it to them indirectly by acting like a good person.

3: They Are Not Genuinely Interested In Anyone.

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