Top 5 Abuse Tactics Used By The Female Narcissist

Today we are going to talk about the female narcissist and her top 5 manipulation tactics that she uses to abuse and control other people. This is a topic that, in my opinion, isn’t talked about enough, specifically when the female is narcissistically abusing a man. There is still such a taboo or unwarranted shame, but shame nonetheless, for so many men who have been abused by a female narcissist. We have got to start talking about this more because there are so many men suffering in silence or even worse, unaware that it’s even a possibility that a woman could be a domestic abuser against a man.

So today, we are going to shine some light on the typical abuse tactics that female narcissists use on a target, whether that be a man, woman, or child. As I mentioned earlier, narcissistic abuse can happen to men or women, and the abuse they subject a victim to will be damaging and harmful regardless of the gender of the abuser or the victim. I think it’s high time that people start exposing the fact that females are also abusing family members and romantic partners. So today, we are going to focus on the female narcissistic abuser and shine some light on exactly what her favorite abuse tactics are and what to be watching out for if you are concerned that you may be involved with a female narcissist.

The number one abuse tactic that female narcissistic abusers love to utilize is the silent treatment. This is consistently reported as the most common tactic used by my male clients. Let me tell you, these women can do the silent treatment for long periods of time. Nothing quite conveys the message that you are being punished or that you are worthless as effectively as not speaking to you or even acknowledging your existence. Moreover, the level of cruelty involved in giving someone the silent treatment is unparalleled.

Ghosting someone, refusing to talk to someone, or even refusing to acknowledge someone’s presence is one of the cruelest forms of narcissistic abuse. In the movie Gaslight, for instance, when the main character’s husband gives her the silent treatment, she begs him saying, ‘Do anything, hit me, scream at me, anything but this.’ The silent treatment can look different from narcissist to narcissist. She may stop talking to you for days, weeks, or even months. She may refuse to even acknowledge your presence when you are in the room with her, or she may disappear and not answer or return your phone calls or texts. One of my clients even had his wife speaking through their pet dogs to communicate with him. Another client called what she did, ‘the coldest shoulder you could ever imagine.’ But one thing is for sure: the silent treatment is one of the female narcissist’s favorite abuse tactics.

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