Top Signs You are Dealing with A DANGEROUS FEMALE Malignant Narcissist or Sociopath

We are talking about the dangerous female narcissist and sociopath and some of the top signs you may be dealing with one’s capacity, which is an incredibly important topic for anyone who thinks they may have one of these women involved in their life in any way because when we are talking about the highest spectrum malignant narcissists and sociopaths, they can become extremely dangerous and destructive towards someone at the drop of a hat. So it’s critically important to know the signs of this type of woman so that you can identify them and get away from them in the fastest way possible—alerting without alarming them to the fact that you are becoming aware of who and what they are.

What a malignant narcissist and a sociopath are:

First, let’s explain and define exactly what a malignant narcissist and a sociopath are. When we are talking about this dangerous personality type, we are talking about people who possess three distinct parts to their personality disorder. Let’s explain these three distinctive parts: Because the first part of their personality disorder is narcissistic, they will have an addiction to narcissistic supply as well as an addiction to feeling special.

Next, the second part of the personality disorder is technically called anti-social personality disorder, or, as it’s referred to by many, sociopathy or psychopathy, and this means they do not have a functioning conscience. These are people who truly do not experience feelings of empathy, compassion for others, shame, guilt, regret, or remorse, so these are people who do not have any internal moral compass as normal people do, and certainly not as highly empathetic people do, which are usually the ones that these people target. They have no internal moral compass that keeps their behavior honorable; they do not feel those emotions.

Top 10 Behaviors of the Female Malignant Narcissist

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