top 10 behaviors and traits of the female narcissist

Today we’re going to talk about the female narcissist.

So much of the information out there is about the male narcissists and the abuse suffered by them usually, but not always against a woman, but females can have NPD too. The reality is narcissistic abuse is incredibly damaging and abusive for all victims who are exposed to it.

Men and women alike, not to mention, narcissistic abusers abuse not only their partner or spouse, but they also abuse their children, co-workers, siblings, grandchildren, these people do not discriminate against anyone for abusing and manipulating people, they are toxic to everyone.

We’re going to explore the top five behaviors of the female narcissist.

When we examine any type of narcissist, they will always have the same underlying core toxic traits, they will exhibit addiction to feeling special, unique, or superior and they will lack empathy, they will feel entitled and they will exhibit exploitative behavior.

The three e’s or the tripoli as defined by Craig malkin, who wrote an amazing book titled rethinking narcissism.

Those are the primary traits that all narcissists will have in common, and those are the ones that you should look out for. The female narcissist will definitely exhibit the three e’s, and of course, the name of the game is always to get a narcissistic supply.

1 she is extremely competitive

Top 10 Behaviors of the Female Malignant Narcissist

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