Top 10 Behaviors of the Female Malignant Narcissist

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Today we’re going to be talking about the identifying behaviors of the female malignant narcissist.

 Narcissist, narcissism is on a spectrum, and when it gets to where it’s considered malignant, then you’re dealing with someone who has the potential to be very calculated and dangerous. Malignant narcissists are not people you want to have any kind of relationship with.

The probability that you will be harmed in some manner by a malignant narcissist is nearly 100%. So if you believe that you might have encountered a malignant narcissist, or if you believe you could be involved with a female malignant narcissist, then stay tuned this article is going to give you some insight into the top behaviors you will typically witness from the female malignant narcissist.

First, let’s define what exactly malignant narcissist means. Malignant narcissists are also sometimes referred to as a dark triad personality because there are three distinct parts to the personality.

Narcissistic personality disorder

 Social exhibits the typical behaviors of grandiosity, she’ll require tons of attention and adoration, and she will have an overall attitude that she is superior to other people.

Psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder

 So this is a person who does not have a conscience. Essentially, they don’t really experience feelings of empathy, regret, guilt, shame, remorse, or compassion for other people, they don’t feel bad for the horrible things that they do.


This is the part of the personality that is manipulative, that is exploitative and highly deceptive, and sadistic. Meaning that they gain pleasure from causing other people to suffer physically or emotionally, they get off on the pain; they create in other people’s lives. As you can imagine when you put these three distinct parts of the personality into one, that makes this individual incredibly dangerous and the probability of harm very high.

The typical behaviors you will witness from the female malignant narcissist

First, the female malignant narcissist is much more difficult to identify than her male counterpart, and that’s because she utilizes her femininity and just the fact that she is a female to her advantage. Remember, these people are proficient actors, they have learned how to mimic normal human behavior to other people they target. Usually, female malignant narcissists are harder to recognize because her tricks in her manipulations are disguised under a sweet and feminine demeanor. People are just not usually expecting. This type of pathology and deceptiveness from a female, unfortunately.

 However, we need to be wary of all people in this day and age; we need to know the red flags and the typical behaviors to watch out for everyone that we interact with. This disorder’s just too prevalent in society these days not to be educated.

The female malignant narcissists will use mirroring and love bombing in the stages.

She’s going to mirror back to you all the things that she’s observed are important and meaningful to you. She will pretend that those things are the same things that are important and meaningful to her. And after she gets your attention and interest by mirroring, she will usually slide right into the love-bombing phase to complete the deal, and get you to think that you’ve potentially met this amazing woman who just seems absolutely perfect for you, and this just doesn’t happen in the male-female romantic relationships either.

 The female malignant narcissists will use these same tricks to hook friends, job, career, opportunity, same-sex relationship. Basically, she will use these same techniques for anyone that she encounters she wants to take advantage of.

She is an expert and smooth liar

They will say anything to get what they want, I mean nothing is off-limits. They will lie about their circumstances, the welfare of their children, their own health, and their childhood.

Many times they will lie about things that no one would dream someone else would lie about taking advantage of another person. I have witnessed one lie to other people about one of her children having cancer to an unsuspecting person at church, and of course her child didn’t have cancer, but she got everybody at this church to believe this because who would lie about her child having cancer, and they do it effortlessly with no hesitation.

These people can also usually cry on command in order to further exploit their lives and the people that they’re trying to trip. The female malignant is a pathological liar, just like her male counterpart is.

They are two-faced

Many times, they will play several people at the same time in order to gain the most rewards for whatever she’s after. She will befriend anyone if she thinks she has something to gain from it, doesn’t matter if it’s your arch enemy. In fact, many times she probably will prefer to do these things because you would never suspect that.

I have known malignant female narcissists who have been having affairs with family members of her husband, and the father of her children. I have seen them lie and manipulate other people for money, giving absurd pity victim scenarios to several people; in order to take advantage of all of them financially, you name it.

 These women don’t know the word loyalty and honesty. She might behave as if she has high levels of integrity. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Also, they can turn into a bully in a matter of seconds when necessary, they can literally go from playing the victim and switch into the nastiest bully you have ever seen. Remember, their highest priority is getting what they want by fooling other people usually. However, when that isn’t working, or you catch them in a lie, or in an act that they cannot escape, they can get aggressive and will resort to emotional and verbal attacks and abuse in order to bully you into submission.

They can be highly sexual and seductive

The female malignant narcissist knows she has tremendous power and control over victims by using her sexuality. So it’s very common for these women to be superb in bed. They know that if they hone those skills, that they can victimize and exploit a target for far longer than if they don’t.

Many times they will try to get a target sexually obsessed with her or dependent on them sexually. Then they’ll get them to do what they want by withholding it and giving it to the target when he or she does what she wishes, but these women are highly sexual and I continually hear about how good in bed they are for my clients.

They take pleasure in humiliating other people

They love to watch other people have hurtful soul-crushing emotions or feelings, and nothing does a better job than humiliating someone in the most drastic ways. All malignant narcissists relish in the humiliation of other people and they get off on it even more if they’re responsible for the humiliation, and of course the more public the scene, the more joy they extract.

If you are a severely alienated parent, then your ex is a malignant narcissist. And anyone who has had the horror of going to court against the malignant narcissist, and his or her cronies know the delight and Happiness, these people feel when they can destroy the other parent’s life, when they can turn their own children against them and publicly vilified the targeted parent. While the child professes their unending love for the abusive and the disturbed parent, the filthier and disturbing they can lie about and humiliate the targeted parent, the more public they can make it the happier these people are.

They remind me of cockroaches, they all scatter back to their holes when they’re finished dismantling and humiliating the other person there, and they’re just such vile and horrible people. These people literally make my stomach turn.

She is fierce we competitive with others especially other women

 Malignant narcissists look at winning as literally life or death, they cannot tolerate losing. Winning takes priority over literally every other thing in their lives, they will go to great lengths to win, they will lay, they will cheat, they will sabotage anyone or anything necessary in order to win.

Therefore the only way for a normal person to ever come away unharmed with these people is to disengage, because these people do not have a conscience, they can do things to other people even their own children, that you and I would never dream of doing to anyone.

We’re just no match for the malignant narcissist. Knowing what I know, now I would never ever challenge these people. If you find yourself tangled up with a malignant narcissist, my advice to you is to disengage immediately, cut your losses and walk away, because they will go to extremes in order to win nothing and I enemy nothing is off-limits.

They consistently and notoriously refute and escape responsibility

 This is a cornerstone for antisocial personality disorder and it’s bizarre to watch them do the things that they do to other people, and the absolute resolve they have in saying I’ve done nothing wrong.

These types of statements “I’ve done nothing wrong” are limitless in these people that they have a version an excuse for every nasty experience you’ve ever had with them. And of course, the logic they use is outrageous at the very least, and their determination to force everyone else to believe these lies, or at least accept it to get off their case and leave them alone. Is truly beyond anything I have ever seen. They never give up and they will go to their grave refusing any accountability, doesn’t matter if you caught them in the act red-handed. They will twist and turn “reality” into the most absurd version you have ever heard and will little literally force this version on other people until they finally give up.

This is one reason they are so effective at alienating their children from the targeted parent, because they pound and for and force this “version” of rewritten history into the child, until the child just gives up. So this is another reason you must have an order of protection if you’re going through severe parental alienation in order to reverse the alienation.

 It would be the equivalent if you don’t have an order of protection of catching getting a family member out of a cult, and then trying to get them to heal and understand what had happened, and then giving them a telephone to talk to the cult leader. Therefore also no contact is so critically important when you leave a person like this. Any communication leaves you very vulnerable to the unending pressure to accept their lives. They just don’t stop until they accomplish their goal.

 The female malignant narcissist is pathologically envious of other people

 The interesting thing about these people is that they don’t feel or experience human emotions like empathy, compassion, guilt, shame, but they feel electric levels of envy. They also believe that other people are also envious of them because they can’t comprehend that other people would not feel Envy how they do.

 The horrible thing about pathological Envy of the malignant narcissist is they will go to great lengths to ease this overpowering feeling. If you are unlucky enough for them to become envious of you, they will do all kinds of horrible things to sabotage you to get what they want. It’s not a pleasant place to find yourself when a malignant narcissist becomes envious of you or something you have.

Pathological Envy consumes these people, and if they are hell-bent enough over it, they will do just about anything to get it or to see that they destroy it so you can no longer have it either.

 Pathological Envy is probably the biggest factor that drives their behavior, it literally rules their lives.

They have no real understanding of how “others” meaning you and I think and feel

This is consistent with the malignant narcissists, and that is they truly believe that they are superior to other people. They think that the naivete of other people is bizarre, and they find it hard to understand why other people are unwilling to manipulate or take advantage of other people.

Many times they will theorize that people are all just like they are, they find it so hard to believe that other people would have an issue with being exploitative. If they encounter people who catch them doing something atrocious to them, they usually will only blame the victim, they truly believe that these things are the victim’s problem, they should have known better. It’s not their fault they lied and took advantage of you; it’s your fault for not knowing any better. This type of thinking is consistent for the male and the female malignant narcissists.

 Many of my coaching clients will ask, did this person ever really love me? And the answer is no. Think about it: if all you ever felt towards another person was the cold wish to win, how would you understand the meaning of love, a friendship of caring?  You wouldn’t understand.

The way I tried to explain malignant narcissists to my coaching clients is to think of them as a different type of human being. They are a different species, they don’t understand love, and they don’t comprehend the pain and suffering that they caused, because they don’t feel normal human emotions. They are in denial about the true impact they have on other people. There is a disconnect with these people, they are soulless, they are incapable of changing, this is evil, I believe that. And as I have mentioned, the only way to win is not to play. Cut your losses, walk away, go no contact and save yourself.

Top 5 Behaviors of The Female Narcissist

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