5 Life Skills Narcissists Can Never Master

Today, we’re going to discuss five life skills that narcissists simply cannot master. You might perceive them as tough and confident. I cannot emphasize enough how many times I’ve spoken to individuals who think, “Oh my gosh, you haven’t seen this person, you haven’t seen my business partner, you haven’t seen my ex.” I understand what you’re thinking and how disempowered you can feel when negotiating with them, but I’m here to tell you that there are skills they cannot master, and they feel very small inside. They experience the most pain and shame, which is why when you communicate or negotiate with them, you can strategize, leverage, and be the most authentic, powerful version of yourself to achieve the life you desire.

1. Boundaries

The very first thing they don’t know how to do, that they never learn, is boundaries. Believe me, they want boundaries for themselves; they don’t want you to come near them. They definitely don’t want you in their inner world at all. However, you are never allowed to have boundaries. They want to know everything you’re doing, what you’re up to at all times, and they want to cross your boundaries. They show up wherever you are and want to know what’s going on inside you.

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