This is Why Narcissists Stare So Intently

It may sound insignificant, but staring is a powerful tool for exercising dominance over someone. The unfortunate thing is that narcissists know this fact all too well. If you’ve been around them for quite a long time and start to notice them staring at you frequently, you should not ignore it, as it can lead to various forms of abuse. To stay out of the clutches of narcissists, you must first learn their ways and behaviors, and understanding the reasons behind their stares is a good start. So today, I am more than willing to share these 10 reasons why narcissists stare so intently at you.

Number one: Narcissists want to make a lasting impression.

They say impressions last for ages, and narcissists intend to make a strong one on the people they encounter throughout their lives. We all know that narcissists love attention and often want to be remembered long after an interaction. It’s like a contest for them, a competition they feel they must win by making an impression, like in beauty pageants or speaking in large crowds. By staring intensely, narcissists can create a sense of intrigue and leave a lasting impression on the person they are looking at. Even if they can’t feel a connection with other people, they know that staring can do wonders. In that way, they can cover up their dysfunction. After all, they know that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and staring at you can stir up feelings in your core, either bad or good. It doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that narcissists just want to be remembered.

Number two: Narcissists want to intimidate you.

Now, it’s not easy to make a lasting impression on others, but narcissists might have discovered a formula that works for them every time, usually including intimidation. Let’s admit it, narcissists can be very intimidating, putting us in an undesired situation most of the time. Staring intensely is one way they can achieve this. They may use their gaze to make you feel small and powerless, which can be very unsettling. Having someone’s eyes follow your every move can make you lose your cool, even if you’re the most confident person in the room. Even more so when the one staring at you isn’t backing down when they get caught. Yes, that is just how narcissists still stare at you shamelessly. To counter their prying eyes, never give them the reaction they want, which is usually getting intimidated by them.

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