Things You Do That a Toxic Person HATES Vehemently

Did you know that there are things you do that a toxic person hates vehemently. Meaning, things you do that a toxic person hates with great passion and intensity.

Whether you’re dealing with a toxic person at home, toxic people in your family at large, or toxic people at work, the toxic people in your life are probably none to happy about some of the things you may be doing, even unwittingly.

In today’s article, I’m unpacking ten things that the toxic people in your life find seriously disturbing. Do you want to have a better understanding of what it is you may be doing to upset the toxic people in your life? If so, this article is for you!

Number One: When You Don’t React

Don’t take the bait. Remain flatline, deadpan, completely unperturbed, bored even. Wanna know what pisses a narcissist off more than anything? Their inability to get a rise out of you, no matter what they do or say. Narcissists provoke others in cruel and insensitive ways for no other reason than to trigger a negative response. Sick as it is, they do this because this is how they get their fundamental needs for significance met. Now, we all have a need to feel significant to some degree, and those of us with empathy and a conscience find much healthier and more productive ways of getting this fundamental need met. Narcissists, on the other hand, target you, so they can feel alive, significant, and important. When you don’t give them that, well, in my view, you win. And ultimately, they are left with no choice but to go somewhere else to fulfill their sick kicks. So the moral of the story is, as much as you’re able, do not react.

Number Two: Tell the Truth

Narcissists are terrified of exposure. You having the courage and strength to call things out for what they are, to stand up and speak the truth, well, now this does not bode well with someone who lives their life on a foundation of lies and deceit. And here’s the thing. If they didn’t want you talking about how abusive they’ve been, how manipulative they’ve been, the extent to which they’ve wreaked havoc in your life emotionally or otherwise, then they shouldn’t have conducted themselves that way to begin with. You have the right to speak your truth and tell your story. And people will ask, “But what about those that believe the narcissist’s lies, their distorted narrative, and the way they rewrite history to not only gaslight us but to cover their own ass?” We all know that there are no limits to how far the narcissist will go to be seen as the victim of circumstances they don’t only create but also perpetuate. Here’s what you wanna hold onto: The truth has a frequency 1,000 times stronger than any lie. And for that reason, the truth doesn’t need defending. Just let it loose, and it’ll defend itself. It’s just a question of time. And the longer it takes, the more the believers realize the extent to which they’ve been duped and for how long, and they are not too happy about it. I promise you. Moreover, the longer it takes, the more the narcissists are exposed for the lying evil little creatures that they are. True story. So don’t worry about who believes what and for how long. You have the truth on your side. They don’t. That’s all you need. So be patient and, in the meantime, rest peacefully in that knowledge, again, the knowledge that you have the truth on your side. They know it, and you know it. And I assure you, karma has not forgotten them.

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