Things NEVER To Do With Narcissists

Stop doing these things with narcissists right now in order to manage, deal with and disarm the narcissists in your life.   Are you doing and saying things that are making the toxic relationships worse and not helping you communicate or negotiate powerfully with narcissists?   Read this article to find out exactly what you should stop doing right now in order to save your soul and start becoming the more powerful one in the relationship today.

The first thing I want you to never do with narcissists is expect them to be loyal to you. They’re only loyal to looking out for number one, and that’s themselves. Not anybody else in the world. There are a lot of reasons for it, and I do want to say something else with this. A lot of times in my articles, I’ll say, “This is why they are like that, this is why they look out for number one, this is why they don’t have the ability to have any care, compassion, sympathy or empathy for others.” I’ve heard some of you say, “Oh, you’re defending them.” I am not defending them. Let me just make sure that I am very clear. I am simply helping you to understand the psyche of the personality so that you can stop beating your head against the brick wall.

Another thing never to do with narcissists is explain, justify, or overshare. What I mean by that is when you are negotiating with them, when you’re emailing with them, when you’re texting with them, it’s very common to want to defend yourself, to want to explain, to want to take everything point by point and go “that’s not right,” “that’s a lie,” justify “how would you say that?” “how can you believe that?” “how could you say those things knowing all the things I’ve done for you?” You want to point out all of your contributions, your accomplishments, all the things that you’ve done for that person. So, for you, don’t try to justify, explain, or overshare because you’re not gonna get anywhere with that. So, stick with just the facts, ma’am or sir, just respond to the things that you need to respond to. To the rest of it, you can just say, “I deny your allegations,” “I’m in receipt of your email. I deny your allegations. Here’s the one thing I needed to respond to,” and leave it at that. I call it tactical responses, just never explain, justify, or overshare.

Never Argue With A Narcissist do this instead.

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