Never Argue With A Narcissist do this instead.

If you have a narcissist in your life, I do not doubt that you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, manipulated, and tired of the constant scheming. So, I have some tactics to share today to help you be at ease—well, maybe not at ease, but perhaps more at peace in your relationship with the narcissist. These are tactics that can definitely help you navigate the relationship more successfully, whether the narcissist is a parent, friend, co-worker, or partner sibling. Let’s go through the five tips.

1.  Accept that they are unlikely to change:

   This is the first and most important step. Many of you know me, and you know I was a psychotherapist for 20 years, helping people with boundaries, difficult relationships, and anxiety. One of my clients once told me that she had been advised, when going on a date, to put ‘as is’ on the person’s forehead. This advice, though not uncommon, is particularly relevant when dealing with a narcissist. Put ‘as is’ on their forehead, recognizing that if they have a personality disorder, it’s pervasive and enduring—unlikely to change.

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