The Narcissist’s Worst Betrayals… 7 Ways They Do It

Betrayal is the violation of one’s trust or confidence. And the foundation of betrayal is deception. That is why, when it comes to narcissists, deception is key to winning your love and trust. And the narcissist is prepared to invest the money, time, and energy to get it. Because the narcissist cannot manipulate, control, or effectively break you if there is no emotional connection. But once they have that emotional investment from you, that is when they can harm you or exploit you.

When the Narcissist Betrays You

So, today I want to talk about some of the worst betrayals of the narcissist. Because that is where all that pain and hurt comes from at the end of the day. We trusted a narcissist; we loved a narcissist; and how did they repay us? By betraying the trust and love we gave them. Therefore, I have what I consider to be the top seven ways narcissists betray those who love them. Remember that deception is the foundation of betrayal, and that will be the common theme as I go through this list.

Claiming Victimhood

And one of the first ways narcissists can betray us is by playing the victim. This is where the narcissist has a sob story of being wronged by countless individuals and how sad and hurt they are by these people and their actions. Or they pretend to be in need of something or someone who could save them from an unfortunate situation they have found themselves in. The truth is that the narcissist is usually far from being the victim, but rather the oppressor or perpetrator. And it is usually their fault that they are in a predicament. But they prefer to blame others and play the helpless victim. And their aim is to exploit your empathy or generosity to get what they want from you.

Only Make Believe

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