The Narcissist’s Worst Betrayals… 7 Ways They Do It

Another way narcissists betray us is by convincing us that they are capable of love. This is what the love-bombing phase is for. It is to deceive us into thinking that the narcissist cares. They convince us that they have empathy and that they are someone who can be trusted. But sooner or later, their actions change, and we are treated with hate, disgust, and contempt. The way they look at us, talk to us, ignore us and the many things they fail to do for us contradict everything that we were led to believe about them in the beginning.


The third way narcissists betray us is through slander or gossip. Whether the narcissist releases your secrets or makes up horrific lies, it is all done behind your back. So, while they smile at your face, in the shadows, they are working to tear you down. They plant seeds of distrust to cause people to pull away from you or view you with suspicion. Gossiping and lying do not just affect us personally; they can also affect other people and relationships we may have.

Unfair and unequal

The fourth way narcissists betray us is by not being there for us when we need them. Although we made sacrifices to ensure their happiness and success or comfort them when they were down, when we needed them, they were always too busy or had an excuse. It takes a while before you realize that narcissists are more interested in taking than giving. In time, you may find that their excuses were nothing but lies to avoid being of service to you. They were never busy. They were never sick. They were never obliged to be anywhere. The narcissist just doesn’t want to help you. Narcissists are not reliable people that we can turn to for support or help. Because they do nothing unless it benefits them.

Another way narcissists betray us is by being unfaithful. They would talk about being loyal and committed and wanting the same energy and vibe from us. But then they turn around and do the opposite. And be it physically or emotionally, they cheat. They sneak around behind our backs, seeking attention wherever they can find it. Communicating that our love and our devotion to them are not enough for them. The simple truth, as I discussed in this article, is that with narcissists, there cannot be only one. They need multiple sources of romantic interest for constant attention and validation.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing

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