How to Beat a Narcissist at Their Own Game | Story time

How do you corner them? How do you keep them at bay? How do you teach them a lesson? Is there even a way to do any of this? Well, there is, but that way is not to fight them the way they fight you. They have already mastered that fight and they control the outcome. It’s like wrestling with pigs; pigs are going to enjoy it. They are going to get dirty, and you are going to get dirty as well, but you won’t like it, and you will get hurt. So, how do you fight them? How do you defeat them?

Become Ice Cold Towards Them

I have said it so many times by now that a narcissist feeds on your emotions. They are parasites, predators who need you to feel something. The moment you feel something, they feel powerful. The moment you react to their fight, the moment you start yelling and screaming the way they are, you lose because it’s not who you are; it’s not your authentic self. But their screaming and yelling self is what they are; essentially, they’re nothing beyond that. So, what should you do in this situation? Any time a narcissist tries to push your buttons, draw a boundary, mark your territory, but do not yell, do not scream, do not give them the response they want from you, which is another way of saying, do not justify yourself. No justifications are needed. You do not have to prove yourself; they know what they have done. It’s just that they do not want to acknowledge it, or they want to blame it on you. Do not argue because you know you’re not going to get anything out of those arguments. These are circular conversations, and you won’t achieve anything. You will only lose yourself, your sanity, and your strength, which is your most important asset. And then, do not explain yourself. Why would you explain that you didn’t mean what they make it seem like you meant, or you didn’t say what they blame you for saying? The person is not interested in knowing what you said or didn’t say. They are interested in making you think you are making up things, or you’re going crazy, or you’re misremembering things. So, there is no point in explaining anything to this manipulative individual.

You must not personalize blame-shifting

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