What NOT to do with a Narcissist

There is no shortage of knowledge concerning narcissists online. Unfortunately, some of it may end up harming us rather than helping us due to differing views that divert attention away from the enormous harm they do to others, including those who love them. There is still tons of knowledge online on what to do whether you are in a narcissistic partnership or have just ended one (using the Gray Rock Method or going no contact, for example).

However, whether you’re struggling to mend a shattered heart or gather up the pieces of your life after a narcissist tore through it like a number five tornado, knowing what not to do around a narcissist is crucial.

Relationships will not be a game in a perfect universe. There will be no such thing as a winner or a loser. Breakups and divorces will not devolve into conflicts, with one side attempting to wipe out the other. Even if there was heartbreak, two emotionally stable adults would pursue the high path to the greatest degree possible to keep the peace, particularly if there are children involved.

In a perfect universe, our kindness would be balanced and repaid by someone who would show love and respect to us even though the partnership had ended.

However, narcissists have extinguished all desire for a better future.

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