10 Disturbing Reasons Why a Narcissist Will NOT Discard You | Why They Keep You Around

Although it may not seem like it, the act of a narcissist discarding you when they are finished with you is much less disturbing than the alternative. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons that we will discuss today, a narcissist will choose to continue tormenting you instead of moving on. But why would they keep you around? And what factors contribute to that choice? By the end of this article, you will learn everything there is to know about the dreaded narcissist discard stage, as well as gain insights into what goes through their head during this phase.

Number 10: You tell them what they want to hear.

While having someone trustworthy whose opinion carries weight can be valuable, a narcissist isn’t open to criticism and believes that only they should have a say. If a narcissist decides not to discard you, it probably means that you don’t challenge them and tend to keep your thoughts to yourself. If you tend to form superficial friendships or find it difficult to open up, you become the perfect target for a narcissist to latch onto.

What Happens When YOU Discard The Narcissist

Number 9: You are too entertaining to leave alone.

Narcissists lack empathy and self-reflection, which can make their decisions incomprehensible to others. Their actions can be outright cruel, leading to toxic situations. As narcissists constantly seek external validation, they find the reactions of the person they latch onto very entertaining. They may make you angry, push your buttons, or play mean practical jokes on you just because they enjoy your reaction. Sometimes, if a person is highly reactive, a narcissist may decide not to discard them because they derive so much pleasure from it.

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