These Emotions Give The Narcissist Access And Keeps Them Relevant

Today I want to delve into some specific emotions that the narcissist tries to arouse within their victims in order to manipulate them into giving them what they want. Empathy is a powerful, wonderful gift, but if you are not careful, it can work against you. Because narcissists are always looking for ways to manipulate you, control you, and overpower you, and they use your own emotions to do this. They are also always looking for ways to get you to compromise or lower your standards. They try to provoke or antagonize you so that you lash out at them. And now, with advancements in technology, they ensure they gain video or audio proof of you at your lowest.

They will use these to embarrass or blackmail you when necessary.You are never safe around a narcissist because whatever you say or do, they will try to use against you. even blatantly lie to paint you in a negative light. Because, no matter how a relationship begins with a narcissist, they always convince themselves that the other person is the issue.Narcissists are paranoid and are always on guard, thinking that others are out to hurt them or cheat them out of something.

They are so quick to point the finger and blame someone else.They are so quick to point out other people’s flaws and weaknesses but refuse to admit their own.They refuse to accept that they are the problem. and are very good at trying to make others feel guilty by constantly playing the victim.

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