The Reason Why a Narcissist CANNOT Relax

If you have been with a narcissist, you know they cannot sit still, fully let go, or relax. But why is that the case? Does it have something to do with their nervous system? Is it about their need for instant gratification? Are they dopamine junkies? What is going on in their body and brain?

Now, let’s try to understand what’s going on in the narcissist’s psyche and body. Narcissists have to be on the move all the time. They have to be doing something or at least appear busy. They need to be distracted constantly. They cannot fully let go or relax; they cannot sit with themselves. You may wonder what’s going on. Are they robotic? Don’t they need rest like every human being? The deepest explanation for this behavior is their suppressed trauma, shame, and insecurities, which they have buried deep in their psyche.

They have suppressed these feelings for so long that they cannot face them. If these suppressed traumas were to surface, it would annihilate them instantly. They buried their true self long ago in the deepest chambers of their subconscious mind and dissociated from it. They don’t want to be aware of its presence because if they were to become aware of their true self, it would kill them. Their true self carries their shame, insecurities, and everything they do not want to be associated with. Being associated with their true self would mean they are weak and vulnerable, so they keep it buried.

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