The Narcissists LAST TRICK Before They Leave

The most sinister aspect and their tricks, it’s always about the long game with the narcissist. But this trick, the last trick that they do on you, is just the worst. It’s just the worst thing that they can do.

The narcissist’s last trick, the last thing that they actually do to you before they leave and why they have to do this before they leave, there’s a specific strategy that they use on you just before they leave. And it’s like, why, just why? And I see through it, and I’m going to talk about why they do this to you before they actually leave. And this is going to be helpful for those of you who are kind of going through this at the moment or those of you that kind of identify with this, but this will help you going forward. But my friends, before I get into it, I just quickly want to mention that I do go live on this channel once a week, and if you have any questions or there’s anything on your mind that you want a quick answer to, I would say join the live because it may well get answered in the live. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. You’ve obviously typed the question into the chat; we have a really wonderful community which would probably answer that question for you and help you out because they’re just amazing. And you guys know who you are, so thank you so much if you’ve already joined the live every single week, and those of you that are new, I would say hop onto the live, see what you think, and if you want more information, please see the description box below.”

So, the narcissist’s last trick. Like, I get why they do this, but you know, the narcissist’s last trick, what? It’s so evil. It’s actually so, so evil that they do this. Okay, they have to destroy you before they leave. Before they leave, before everything goes south, they have to destroy you. And the reason why they destroy you is because they don’t want you to move on. They don’t want you to be okay. They don’t want you to be that person that they met right at the beginning. They don’t nurture you; they don’t nurture this relationship. This isn’t a relationship about growing and creating something together. This is about competition. This is about hierarchy. They’ve got to be better than you all the time.

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