The Covert Narcissist’s Ultimate Fear

FEAR is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. Some people confuse the negative emotions of fear and anger when it comes to the Narcissist. For example, narcissist hates when we go on “no contact,” but they are not afraid if we do. As much as they don’t like it people are replaceable to the Narcissists. So, they will hold it against you forever and continually seek revenge, but it’s not out of fear. What they would fear is being alone.

Covert narcissists are not lone rangers; they need people around them. They need people to feed off of; they are highly dependent on others to support their false image. Another big fear of the covert narcissist is the fear of failure. This is why they prefer to stick to things they know they are good at. It is important that they are successful and have something to show for their existence. Their success is rooted in qualifications, promotions, recognition for their monetary or physical contributions, etc. Narcissists hate when their victims escape their grasp and move on and heal, but they are not afraid of it.

What they are afraid of is if that person tries to expose them. Being exposed for the demonic, evil, backstabbing entities that they are is one of their biggest fears. We all know about the fake image or persona that they have created for the public in order to be liked, trusted, and even adored. We know they pretend to be saints when they are not. They pretend to be caring when they are not, and so forth and so forth.

The Unspoken Regrets Of The Narcissist

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