Six Actions That Instantly Trigger a Narcissist

Today I want to talk about 6 things Narcissists hate. Because I have mentioned quite a few times about Narcissists being insecure, petty and easily offended. It is not difficult for them to suddenly view you as an enemy or a threat. So, I will be providing some more details or examples of the types of things that we may innocently do but the Narcissist will take offence and will want to punish us for it. Because these are things that can cause a Narcissistic Injury meaning they devastate or crush the Narcissist’s ego. Basically, the Narcissist’s pride is negatively affected by these things. So, whether they are done knowingly or unknowingly they will anger the Narcissist.

And one of the first things Narcissists hate is being challenged or criticised.

Narcissists will become defensive when you try to challenge their beliefs and actions. They view it as a personal attack when someone questions the way they think about something or what they have done. They hate it when someone points out a flaw or openly finds fault with them. They despise those who disagree with them on anything. Narcissists really do believe that they are superior and whatever they do is perfectly fine and should not be challenged. Complements are always welcomed but not critiques. No matter how constructive you think the critique is, the Narcissist will still be offended. Even those Covert Narcissists who in public will try and play it cool and even grateful for the feedback, in reality, they are not, and you have just made yourself a target for their passive-aggressive attacks.

Another thing Narcissists hate is being rejected.

Narcissists have a huge sense of entitlement so whenever someone tells them no, they hate it. No is a very small but powerful word. It communicates so much to the Narcissist, and I think that is why it makes them so angry. You are basically telling them they do not control you, that you do not owe them anything and that there are limits to what you would or could do for them. The Narcissist does not want limits being placed upon them. They want all of you. So, when they ask something of you, they expect a ‘Yes’, nothing else will do. So, not maybe or we’ll have to see what happens because the Narcissist will not be happy with any other response than a yes. So, whenever you reject a Narcissist be prepared for them to retaliate.

The third thing Narcissists hate is being held accountable for their actions.

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