Narcissist Stalking Signs, watch them here.

Have you ever felt like someone was stalking you? Most of us have had our moments. A stalker isn’t someone who just follows you around at the grocery store on a Saturday night; it’s more serious than that. And if they’re narcissists, you know they’ll make things difficult. Here are 10 signs that a narcissist is stalking you:

Narcissist Stalking Signs Number 1: Narcissists keep showing up at the same place as you.

The first sign that a narcissist is stalking you is their appearance in the same place as you. Narcissists will show up wherever they think you will be, and they will not give up until they get what they want from you. They like to show up at the same place as you to be able to keep tabs on you.

Narcissist Stalking Signs Number 2: Narcissists ensure they have access to your personal information without asking you directly.

Narcissists often don’t want to ask for things directly because it might make them seem needy or weak. So instead, they’ll try to find ways around asking for information directly. For example, if your friend keeps asking you where you’re going on vacation next week without ever mentioning that she wants to come along with you, she might just be trying to get access to your plans.

Narcissist Stalking Signs Number 3: Narcissists start contacting you more often than usual.

With a narcissist, it’s all about the chase. They need to know that they have your attention and that you’re thinking about them. If they’re not getting this validation from you, they’re likely to contact you more frequently to keep their egos fed. If a narcissist starts contacting you more often than usual, it could be a sign that they are stalking you. Don’t hesitate to cut off all communication with them if this happens.

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