7 Unspoken Tactics to Destroy a Narcissist in Court

In this article, you’ll learn how to destroy a narcissist in court. You’ll learn tips and tricks to help you destroy a narcissist in court. So if you want to fight a narcissist in court and win then this article is for you!

Going to court with a narcissist can be the best or worst decision you can ever make. Exposing a narcissist is a difficult thing to do, given their ability to persuade and convince others that they are innocent. It will take true skill to get ahead of them. It’s important to know that they will always tell others that everything was your fault and that you ruined everything. Narcissists will attempt to convince others that the victim is to blame and that their life was perfect until they came and ruined it. Judges and juries may claim they can spot a narcissist from a mile away, but it’s not always that simple. Sometimes it takes a great lawyer, an angry victim, and a vulnerable narcissist to really expose a narcissist in court. It is important to remember that court proceedings are very invasive and personal, so there is a good chance to destroy a narcissist in court. Sit back and grab a snack. This article is going to let you know the many ways to destroy a narcissist in court.

Number 1: Do not react to anything the narcissist says in court.

Even the nicest people sometimes have a hard time holding back when they hear ridiculous claims or rumors about them. It is highly advised to keep yourself calm and not get upset when the narcissist says obscene things. Lawyers and other court officials stress how important it is to show the judge and jury that you are in control of your emotions. Lashing out may make the jury believe you are actually a narcissist. The key is to find a balance. Lawyers will usually guide and train the victim to maintain a composed demeanor while finding the correct times to express their sadness at enduring this pain. They know the jury will look at the reactions of the parties involved to make a judgment call on who the true narcissist is. Sometimes narcissists have difficulty controlling their emotions and may have outbursts if pushed to the edge. That kind of narcissistic rage is what the victim’s lawyers are trying to achieve while showing the jury that the victim is truly the victim in that case.

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